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Weekly Witch Dose

Selenite Crystals are great for dissolving negative energy blockages.  They can cleanse any other crystals or even your tarot deck or space.  Back pain no problem just massage with a chunk of selenite and I bet you will feel the difference.  For all you energy workers a piece of selenite is great to run over the auric field when doing crystal healing, reiki, shamballa, etc.


Fun Fact

New Moons are great for setting forth your intentions.  July's new moon is Tue July 2 in Cancer.  What does this mean?  Check out the article below.  You know its a new moon because the moon won't be visible in the sky

Witchy wisdom

Lets Talk New Moons

The new moon is a time to set forth your intentions (basically set your dreams and wishes once a month).  The new moon is a time to manifest what you desire for the upcoming month.  For some this can be a difficult process because we have a tendency to focus on what we don't want not what we do want, so setting your new moon intentions monthly can be a great starting point to mindfully focus on the positive not the negative in your life.  

So where do we start?   Personally I like to have a look at what planet the new moon will be in and go from there.  I've never studied astrology so for all you astrologers out there reading this go easy on me I'm going to try and explain this in layman's terms and the way I do my new moon manifestations.  

Since I'm a simple witch I like to keep things simple.  This new moon July 2 is in Cancer.  Cancer is all about family, domestic life and nurturing. If there is tension in the family maybe its time to resolve it.  Set an intention to spend more quality time with your partner, parents, kids.  Maybe plan a family activity.  It a great time to nurture but when you are thinking about who needs nurturing in your life maybe have a look inward and nurture your self.  Have a hot bath, cuddle up with a good book and a cup of tea.  Let the tension go even if its just for a little bit.   It could be a good time to look at your own emotions are you being too moody, hard to get along with? Maybe its a time to look at whats going in inside of your head and face some of your fears or insecurities.  I'm sure by now you have some ideas of what your intentions for this moon could be.  Once I have my intentions clear I like to write (or draw) my "wishes" on a piece of paper and then I like to go outside and look up at the sky and say "moon above dark as night grant my wishes this magickal night" and I read my wishes  and when I am finished I burn the piece of paper releasing my wishes up to the Universe to do its thing.  

Please try to remember there is no right or wrong way to set your intentions but keep in mind the process works best when it comes from the heart and is for the highest and best and is something you believe you can have.  

Happy New Moon 


New Moon in Cancer July 2

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